Jeff Chandler

Jeff has been a ballroom dance instructor, coach, professional competitor, and choreographer since 1979. He is best known in the ballroom dance world for his mastery of technique in his teaching and his unique choreographic style.


In 1991 Jeff opened the Metronome Ballroom in San Francisco. At the time it was the largest ballroom dance studio on the West Coast.


Jeff is also the producer and director of  the Ballroom Blitz events at Lake Merritt Dance Center in Oakland, California. These are themed dance parties featuring a show with professional dancers from around the Bay Area.


In 1999 he was approached by the Midweeklies organization to teach 6th and 7th grade kids. Having worked primarily with adults and “serious dancers” Jeff  reluctantly began teaching a small group of around 60 children. He made the focus on the dancing and all of the good manners and mutual respect that come with it. Today the program spans the entire school year and is attended by nearly 700 students. He considers this program one of the great achievements of his professional dance career.


He currently teaches private lessons and group classes at Just Dance Ballroom in Oakland and at other studios around the Bay Area.