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A brand new 10,000 sq. ft. facility with cushioned maple floors surrounded by wall-to-wall mirrors is available for rental as an “alternative space” for rehearsals, practice time, exercise, or other activity for dance clubs, yoga instruction, Jazz / aerobic classes, theater groups, cheerleaders, seniors, parties or other activities, special occasions or whatever your needs during off-peak hours weekdays and some weekends.

There are 3 separate ballrooms sizes to choose from: The Grand Ballroom dance floor is 44’ x 72’ (5,000 sq. ft room) , the Waterfront Ballroom dance floor is 34’x 60’ (3,000 sq. ft room), and the Sunset Ballroom dance floor is 34’ x 25’ (1,000 sq. ft room). All are equipped with plenty of cushioned seating, maple dance floors, mirrors, and a professional sound system. There is a rest area with refreshing snacks and a Sport TV channel for relaxation. A private lounge area is also available for instructors. Ample free parking in well-lit lot.

Call Just Dance Ballroom at (510) 436-9888 to reserve space and schedule a one-time party event or long-term use for ongoing practice or classes today. See the Virtual tour.

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