John Narvaez and Liz Rojas

John NarvaezLiz RojasJohn Narvaez and Liz Rojas are world-class ground-breaking Salsa dance artists and directors of the Salsamania Dance Company, which they founded in 2000. Their story tells us of how a dream, fueled by passion and focus can change lives. Salsamania is a non-profit corporation with a mission to develop the best training programs and performance teams in the world. The company is based in the San Francisco, Bay Area.

As a powerful force in the industry, John and Liz in just five short years have proven themselves to be equally effective on the business, as well as creative side. They are among the most accomplished competitive Salsa dance couples in the world, having also taken their company – which includes both the Salsamania, professional team; and Son De Mania, semi-professional team to the top of the world’s Mambo dance scene. Having won numerous accolades for their many achievements, Salsamania is highly visible as a current top ranking champions of the 2005 and 2006 World Salsa Championships.

John and Liz came to the U.S. from Colombia at the ages of 11 and 10 respectively. Drawing upon the rich heritage of rhythm from their Columbian roots — a musical universe in its own right, John and Liz bring an undeniable love and intelligence to their approach of Salsa Dance. They have evolved a deep appreciation for the beauty of Latin dance into a clear vision of sharing their passion and knowledge of Salsa throughout the world. In 1997, they began an intensive approach to Salsa involving many hours of study, choreography, performing and competing. They began to build their skills and credibility through teaching and performing in such local competitions as MTV’s Telemundo and Alberto’s Night Club events, where they won top spots. 

The Salsamania Dance Company has touched and transformed many lives throughout the world. The company is the #1 Bay Area Dance Team – known for its hypnotic performances marked by high levels of grace, speed and technical difficulty. The international interest in and influence of John and Liz’s teachings is spread across several continents. Each year, the couple is invited for an extended-teaching stay in Beijing China. They are regularly invited to perform, along with their professional dance team in many parts of Asia, Europe and South America. The company has a reputation as a major launching pad for the development of well-rounded and technically skilled Salsa talent. With four performance teams and over 80 members, Salsamania dancers follow a structured dance education program that allows them to move through several levels — while focusing on core values such as teamwork, professionalism, musicality, competition, the social aspects of dance and grace. The outgrowth of this teaching success are the Salsamania Dance Company training programs, devoted to well honed teaching techniques that use a building block approach to learning, thus enabling students to learn and progress rapidly.

John and Liz promote their local and international activities as a means to enhance awareness of the tremendous beauty and benefits of Salsa Dance, and the many opportunities to learn and perform on a world-wide scale.

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