Save Just Dance Ballroom!!!

For the past 25 years, Just Dance Ballroom (JBD) has been a second home to our dance community in the Bay Area.

Just Dance Ballroom has always provided a full energy for all the classes, parties, events and dance competitions.  During this pandemic, Just Dance Ballroom has closed since March as a result of the California State mandate and in compliance with the Shelter-In-Place order.  With the cases in COVID 19 continue to increase in Alameda County, JDB is facing many challenges and will remain close until the Shelter-In-Place Order is lifted.

To ensure JDB will safely reopen for all the wonderful dancers, teachers, friends and families as usual, Just Dance Ballroom needs your support:

How can you help?

Please help by contributing to the Go Fund Me page by clicking here

Your contributions will go towards rent, utilities and any upgrades necessary to ensure all safety guidelines are met to provide you with a safe environment to enjoy our facility.

You can also help by posting this on your Facebook wall and other social media.

Thank you for your support, we will get through this together.

Just Dance Ballroom.

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